Acri Realty Utility Saver Plan

The average residential customer is on their way of saving 30% on their energy costs.
The sign-up for this money saving service is available online.
When you click on the sign-up link it will redirect you to the ESI web site.
Enter the code ACRI to get additional savings when prompted.
The web page is located at
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Protect Your Home From Vandalism and Burglary

Below are some helpful tips Acri Community Realty has concerning property protection.

When you go on vacation, or simply leave for work in the morning, the last thing you want to worry about is home security and safety. Visibly empty condos are prime targets for vandalism or break-ins, and the threat is real. According to the FBI, more than 2.1 million burglaries occurred in the U.S. in 2010, with an average $2,100 dollar loss per incident.

By now, you probably know the drill: always lock your doors and windows, stop your mail and newspapers prior to vacations, and put your lights on a timer. Here are some additional helpful suggestions to prevent you from becoming a victim of a burglary or an act of vandalism:

  • Don’t “Buzz” anybody in the front door without positive verification. It is unsafe to allow strangers to gain entrance to the building.
  • Don’t post your travel plans on social media sites, talk about your trip with casual acquaintances, or leave notes on the front door indicating that you’re not home.
  • Consider purchasing a security system that directly alerts police to intruders.
  • Leave shades, blinds, and curtains in normal positions, but be sure to keep valuables out of sight.
  • Ask a neighbor to pick up newspapers and mail.

As always be vigilant for suspicious activity, an alert neighbor is always the best safety defense.

See the most recent Acri Newsletter concerning HOA security.

Acri Home Protector Plans

Acri Home Protection Program

Acri Community Realty has created the Home and Appliance Protection Program. Our home protection plan is a renewable service contract that covers the repair or replacement of many of the most frequently occurring breakdowns of  appliances, heating and cooling units, water, sewer and gas lines.

Don’t spend your time and money fixing breakdowns in your home, spend time making memories instead.
Acri Realty - Home Protector ServicesBreakdowns at home are inevitable.
Become a member of Acri Community Realty’s Home and Appliance Protection Program and know that your home and your budget will be in good hands.

Protect your appliances, heating and cooling units, and water, sewer, and gas lines for less than $2.00 a day!


Call Mary Delenko today for more information: 412-459-0111 x104
Or visit us online for more information about which
Acri Home Protector Program is right for you.

Be Covered Inside and Out.
Enroll Now

ACRI Insurance Analysis

As a homeowner under the Acri Management umbrella we will perform a free analysis of your current insurance policy.



Call our Acri Insurance Counselor, Lori Miller at 412-459-0111 extension 123. She will perform a complete review of your needs and evaluate your present insurance coverage. She will make sure your current policy is matching up with your association’s insurance policy. Your current agent may not be aware of the particulars of your associations policy. Make sure you are adequately protected. Call Lori or email her today @


Neighborhood Reminder

Curb your pets pleaseAs a friendly reminder to all owners,

  1. When walking your pet please do not allow them to walk in you neighbor’s yard. And of course immediately clean up after your pet and dispose of properly.
  2. Respect your neighbors right to privacy. Playing music too late and loud
    outside noise is not appreciated.
  3. Keep children in the community safe while outside playing. Caregivers do not leave children un-supervised.
  4. Also kindly keep our neighborhood safe, maintain your outdoor lighting and stay under the speed limit when driving through our plan of homes.


We thank you for your cooperation in making our community a great place to live and play.