Acri Home Protector Plans

Acri Home Protection Program

Acri Community Realty has created the Home and Appliance Protection Program. Our home protection plan is a renewable service contract that covers the repair or replacement of many of the most frequently occurring breakdowns of  appliances, heating and cooling units, water, sewer and gas lines.

Don’t spend your time and money fixing breakdowns in your home, spend time making memories instead.
Acri Realty - Home Protector ServicesBreakdowns at home are inevitable.
Become a member of Acri Community Realty’s Home and Appliance Protection Program and know that your home and your budget will be in good hands.

Protect your appliances, heating and cooling units, and water, sewer, and gas lines for less than $2.00 a day!


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Acri Home Protector Program is right for you.

Be Covered Inside and Out.
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